No tracking, no constantly re-drawing pages, no Spinning Doodads no troubles.
"The way the web was meant to be."


My name is Glenn Alexander and this is my little spot on the Wibbly-Wobbly Web. This site is about me. If you don't want to know about me then press the 'Back' button on your web browser..... now.

You do know what a browser and a back-button are, don't you? This is the real internet, not some soft-interfaced social-media walled-garden. No, you can't leave a toxic comment!

Here is me...

Glenn's Head
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Livin' la vida Glenn!
... Including my favorite computer games.


Hardware Projects...

The best laid schemes of mice and Glenn.


Fiction Writing...

I write fiction sometimes.

VR Headset

My (virtual) Reality...

Why not... plug yourself in?!


Tools of my Trade...

Hardware and Software I use in my life.