Here's young Glenn...

Baby Glenn Glenn age 5

(left) 3-hours old."

Off to school, age 5 (right)

glenn with facial growth

(from top left) Clean-shaven Glenn, Goatette Glenn, Sideburn Glenn, Mustached Glenn, Goatee-mustached Glenn, Droopy-mustached Glenn, Goatee Glenn, Split-goatee Glenn, Sideburn-Goatee-mustached Glenn, Short-Bearded Glenn, Big Bushy Bearded Glenn, MRI-scan of inside of Glenn.

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Teaching in China (1999-2005)
Glenn teaching in China

With Chris and Caroline, regional winners of the Chinese english debating competition 2002 (which I co-coached to third place in the national finals with a Chinese teacher, Helen).
Glenn with debating team

For a few years after coming back to Australia, I was installing staff computers at my local university.
Glenn with computers

I occasionally volunteer to be experimented on at the university's health and medicine research labs.
Glenn experimented on

One of my many roles in my current job at the university is manning the BBQ at student events.
Glenn cooking several dozen sausages

And wandering the halls looking for BRAaaaaains. .... This is from the 3rd-year/2012 Zombie Mocumentary Film.
Glenn in zombie makeup/costume

Don't tell me what to do!
Glenn about to cut a 'don't cut' notice.