Writings of Glenn Alexander

Here are some things I wrote. Enjoy. Or don't if you prefer: I'm not the boss of you!

None of the text in these works use any kind of machine auto-generation (what dodgy marketing types like to call 'A.I.' circa 2020s). I don't have any inherent issues with using such assists, however my own writing style is eclectic enough that I am doubtful glomming off the statistically-micro-mixed-work-of-others would be of much use to me.

Some image-work has generative components, though I tend to only use it to modify or 'tidy up' hand-generated artwork, rather than creating images whole. I usually want something very specific, and it is just easier to draw or photomontage what I want myself, and then have the machine tweak it to smooth out the edges, joins, and gaps in my limited artistic ability.

There is no actual intelligence involved in the machine side of the process - it is all just impressively-clever use of statistical modelling by the programmers, of course. Auto-generative systems are another useful tool in the creative toolbox, but they won't create anything actually-original on their own (assuming original is what you want - there are perfectly valid use-cases where originality is either not necessary, or even not desired.

HTML is the best way to view my work*. I do get occasional requests for mobi/ePUB or other 'eBook' formats, and am not resistant to this, but won't be generating any for unfinished works (as doing it well takes too long for something I would have to do over again at every revision/correction). If you want a file for a propitiatory e-reader, do a web search for the term "web page to ebook" possibly adding in the specific format you want. Most of them are pretty rubbish, from a finished-quality perspective, but they do produce basically-legible content).

Once I have a major work I am satisfied is finished enough, I intend to add in a few eBook formats to the top of its story page.

* Having a dedicated no-frills HTML+CSS eReader with proper in-document place-marking/holding would be nice. Feel free to write one and release it under a free-software licence.

Short Stories.


Interloper Hand


Why did the sun want data?

Longer Works:


Child of Broken Prophesy

Unfinished: Work-in-progress. 80%: Parts 1-4 available (Part 5 in early-draft).
This is primarily my 'for fun' hobby-writing exercise.

The daughter of a failed prophesy grows up loved but alone on the edge of a godless wasteland. A once-great wizard cowers from his dark past, indulging delusion on the edge of self-destruction. A disgraced Daemon High Priestess stumbles into a chance for unexpected love. A dragon faces a crisis of the nature of its existence. And a force of un-nature is about to drive strangers together on a road leading to the depths of Hell.


Stark White

Unavailable: Work-in-progress. 30%
I don't plan on releasing this one online 'in bits'.
This is a more serious work, and I expect it to take ages!

Stay tuned....

Uncategorised Works:

I don't just write conventional fiction. Sometimes I get really weird! Below are definitely not traditional 'stories' but it is definitely all fiction!


NoCaps Keyboards

I didn't just design a keyboard.
I designed over two hundred years of history for it!

How the (typing) keyboard might have turned out if we didn't insist on using TWO WHOLE ALPHABETS!