Writings of Glenn Alexander

Here are some things I wrote. Enjoy. Or don't if you prefer: I'm not the boss of you!

Short Stories.


Interloper Hand


Why did the sun want data?

Longer Works:


Child of Broken Prophesy

Unfinished: Work-in-progress. 80%: Parts 1-4 available (Part 5 planned-out).
Work-so-far is available to read, if a bit rough!
This is primarily my 'for fun' hobby-writing exercise.

The daughter of a failed prophesy grows up loved but alone on the edge of a godless wasteland. A once-great wizard cowers from his dark past, indulging delusion on the edge of self-destruction. A disgraced Daemon High Priestess stumbles into a chance for unexpected love. A dragon faces a crisis of the nature of its existence. And a force of un-nature is about to drive strangers together on a road leading to the depths of Hell.


Stark White

Unavailable: Work-in-progress. 30%
I don't plan on releasing this one 'in bits'.
This is a more serious work, and I expect it to take ages!

When a new light in the sky shows signs of intelligent origin, the people of The Wall are keen to communicate with their newly discovered interstellar neighbours. But the actions of a lone madwoman threaten to destroy their first contact efforts. And should they succeed in capturing her, it will only be the beginning of a bizarre and dangerous turn of events tracing all the way back to before historical record, even before the creation of The Wall itself.