WARNING: This is a Work-in-Progress.

If links are missing, it is because work isn't complete!

Octas is probably not fully-playable at this stage. It is definitely not properly play-tested for balance.

Bare with me: doing a project like this largely alone is not quick!



Octas is a Table Top Role-Playing game system based on the use of two 8-sided dice, numbered 0-7. It ostensibly uses the octal (base-8) numeric system, although this is largely hidden from players behind some simple conversion maths. It also uses a 'destructive stats' mechanic whereby combat damage temporarily (or in extreme cases permanently) reduces character scores directly, resulting in a game mechanic representation of fatigue.

A playable base game is available for free use here. Hard-copy books and related accessories are unlikely as I don't expect that amount of interest in my downright-quirky little TTRPG!

Octas SRD

System Reference Documents (SRD) for all Octas games.


Genre Module and resources for the default Octas fantasy-themed world.

Octas and Octas/fallen materials are Copyright 2022-2024 Glenn Alexander.

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