Orac - Other Junk

What ya gonna do with all that junk!

I have a fairly vast collection of electronic junk, some dating back to not long after my own birth! I am always not liking it cluttering up my appartment, but not willing to throw it out either. Some of it will end up in this project.

HDD Board
Circuit board off an old Hard Drive
The hole in the middle was just right to poke one of the Tarriel Cells through.
I used screws stuck into acrylic-joiner filled holes in short lengths of 5mm acrylic tube as supports. When that was set, I acrylic-joined their bases into the box.

Found items
Bits and bobs
Little bits of machines I have picked up over time because they were interesting. It is nice to finally have a use for them!

Found items
Circuit board off the end of a CRT TV electron gun.
Lots of nice and esoteric looking parts. Some good places to stick extra (cosmetic) wires, too.

Found items
Switch-mode power supply transformer.
I like the copper. I wedged and super-glued a strip of acrylic into the base. Then acrylic-joined that to the box. I bent some of the leads so they look like they feed into the adjacent ring-circuit, but they are not connected.

Found items
Scrap plastics.
Some old plastic spinning-tops gutted of broken internals and fixed in to some scrap acrylic. Filled with a bit of steel wool and with colour-matched LEDs inside (I had to order a purple LED special). These are plugged into the same system at the Tarriel Cells.


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