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How I Made My Own ORAC

by Glenn Alexander


Orac is the highly advanced computer featured in the BBC TV science fiction series "Blake's 7."

Created by Dr. Ensor, the Orac device draws processing time from every computer in the known (human) universe, without a direct link. This gives the Orac device unprecidented and unmatched processing power.

As can be expected with such a complex device, Orac acquired aspects of its creator, Dr. Ensor's personality. As such, it presents itself to its operators as a beligerant, uncooperative and evasive entity.

Following the death of Dr. Ensor, Orac was acquired by the crew of the rebel spacecraft Liberator. Orac itself is indifferent to politics and considers the opperations of humans to be trivial and a waste of its processing power.

This set of pages describes how I went about making my own ORAC as part of a Primary Science Education Design and Make subject for my degree (circa 1990s). They were part of my assignment submission.

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