Appendix: Playing Octas in Octal

As The Ancestors intend.

Octas isn't just a funny name. The game was originally developed to play in octal (numeric base 8) and adapted to decimal for the benefit of all us Barbarians!!

Back-converting the rules to play Octas in true-octal is relatively simple:

Most numbers used in the various manuals, especially multi-digit ones, tend to be fairly round numbers in octal that any regular user of both decimal and octal will already be able to do in their head by rote, otherwise a new pure-octal player will internalise the less-than-a-dozen most common conversions quite quickly anyway.

Commonly seen numbers in the Octas manuals:

Decimal Octal Notes (octal)
0-7 0-7 No change
8 10
12 14
14 16 max D2 roll
15 17 20-1
16 20
24 30
32 40
48 60
63 77 100-1
64 100

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