Animals and Plants

Octas: Animals

Animals have no true morality. They are driven by immediate need in the short term and instinct in the long. If they are dangerous, it is because that is their nature. You can't reason with nature. More intelligent animals can be trained, but they won't learn on their own initiative outside of simple things they inadvertently pick up in the course of pursuing their immediate needs.

Somewhere-or-other, the World of Octas contains Every Earth Creature, and I mean every, from any time in the Earth's history. Plus any reasonably credible evolutionary extrapolation of them. Animals from Earth mythology are also a possibility, within the bounds of biological reality.

DevNote: We will be fleshing this out with a decent sample bestiary eventually! Everything will be reasonably biologically credible, though, so some of the more fantastical mythological creatures that populate many RPGs may not be viable.

DevNote: Probably should start by populating in the non-sapient counterparts to the Uplifted.

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