Obsessive Compulsive Glenn

Among my many personality defects, I count a form of mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). And I don't mean social-media "I actually cleaned up my room for the first time in a year I'm so OCD", but an actual psychological condition that can intefere with my life by locking my brain up for hours or even days, sometimes causing me to miss entire nights of sleep. .... Sucks to be me!

The popular depiction of compusive cleaning is definitely not how I express my own version of this condition, as anyone who has seen my desk at work, or my entire apartment can attest! Though at least I am normally-neat when it comes to washing the dishes and putting rubbish in my bins - no mouldy dinner-plates or piles of empty food packs in sight (or smell!) - just an obsolete-tech-parts wonderland!

Sometimes I deal with these brain-locks, where I can't stop thinking about something in ever-finer detail, by generating reams of text, and also sometimes associated illustrations. It is one strategy by which I can try to get whatever I am obscessing over out of my head so I can get on with reality.

Very occasionally that deranged-brain-vomit has a vague sembelence of something I can put out on the interent for the interest or amusement of others. Expect convoluted, possibly not-quite-coherent content beyond this point!

In other words, this is mainly here for me, and I don't reaily expect anyone else to really wade through these rambling slabs of semi-coherent text. But feel free to try!

Primitive Compute

I grew up with 8-bit computers, but it wasn't until many years later that I really had enough understanding of them to be particularly useful, by which time they were a relic of the past. Now my brain just likes to think about different ways they could have been done. Often to excess! :-/

There is, of course, a great deal of appeal in the idea of a computer system that is simple enough to fit its entire function within one person's comprehension, hence the whole '8-bit'-retro enthusiast scene.

I quoted '8-bit' above because it is not actually the 8-bitedness that is really the appeal, but the overall system simplicity. Something more like a simple Risc-V(32im) CPU with an OS-less user environment is likely far better these days, simply because it saves a lot of clunky multi-byte arithemetic and has a decent address space! But '8-bit' is a good term for this all-the-same, as that was the CPU-era when, largely due to those same system-limitations, such environments were the norm.


8-bit Synthesiser

You can't really do much better, conceptually, than the C64-SID, but a few tweaks can always be made.


Burst Bus

8-bit 4k-block storage-caching bus.



My ideal very-early32-bit-era computer (with the benefit of a whole lot of hindsight).


I speak English, and nothing else more than very basically :-/ .

But I have always had an interest in alternative languages. I just never found one I actually liked enough to learn!

English is actually quite a good language. It just needs its spelling whipped into shape. And to lose one of its two alphabets (but that is a lot of languages in that group - damned Romans again: is there anything they didn't ruin?!).


no-caps keyboard

I didn't just design a keyboard, I designed over two hundred years of history for it!