A page of quickies that can probably best be described as (ugh) 'life hacks'.

I think my issue with the term 'Life hack' is not so much with the label itself, as with some of the silly and often absolutely-pointless junk that gets attached to it by the second-to-absolute-lowest form of content-aggregator YouTube channels and spam-sites. Though I guess we at least get to use the concept of 'hacking' in an actually-historically-correct way!

Anti-Moisture Pill-Box

Vitamin capsules into cough lozenge containers.

I was tired of cough lozenges absorbing moisture from the air and going soggy in my bag once the pack was opened. And I realised that they fit very well into the cylindrical containers that effervescent vitamins come in. These containers have moisture-absorbant crystals in the cap, so should not only seal up the lozenges, but keep the interior super-dry (likely I will change out the cap every so often). Since I have access to a sand-blaster at work, I went overboard and removed the old labeling off the aluminium tubes and re-painted them (I had intended to do them white, but had run out of white spray paint, so they are red!). Finally, I added a label with my label-writer. .... I did two, as my mum had also complained about cough lozenges going soggy in her bag some weeks back when I was visiting (which is what prompted me to think of this solution, I guess!)


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