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I am a male, 44 years old, with grey/blue eyes, thinning dark brown hair and a medium complexion. At 170cm tall and weighing around 105kg, I am overweight, but of reasonable physical fitness. My blood group is A-negative. I was born in Australia and currently live in Wollongong, NSW where I work as a technical/teaching assistant at the local university.



My attitude to life is easy-going, but I do not tolerate foolish people or behaviour very well. I am sympathetic by nature and readily perform favours for others. I am quite introverted and have trouble coping with noise and crowds, preferring to be able to focus my full attention on a small number of people at a time. On first encounter, I come across as a bit eccentric, but people who take the time to get to know me tend to like me. I am particularly non-judgemental and generally trustworthy, and people who know me well often feel able to confide in me. I tend to think carefully before taking action on important things.

Metal-cuttingI am not afraid of hard work when it is needed, although I do like my relaxation time. I have little time or patience for people who consider work a bad word, or the idea of breaking a sweat outside of a gym offensive.


Glenn in overalls with big shifting spanner I enjoy reading, IT/CE hacking*, swimming, cycling, and walking. I am not competitive, and do these activities for fitness and enjoyment. Despite my weight, I am quite physically fit -- described by one doctor, as: "In surprisingly good shape for someone [my] shape". While certainly no athlete, 50 minutes walking 5 days a week has a definite positive effect on health (and the associated not owning a car doesn't hurt the finances either)! I am an early riser and ultimately would prefer to work shorter hours, trading higher income for greater leisure time. I do not watch television, but do enjoy films/serials on disk. A prominent hobby is the creation of sculpture from scrap metal and electronics. This hobby results in some mess (sometimes considerable mess) in my work areas. I also spend some of my recreation time in virtual-world environments, focusing more on the creative side of such environments than the social side.

* Hacking refers to the modification of machines outside of their intended functional parameters. Breaking security systems is only a niche aspect of this, regardless of what Hollywood and the popular press like to portray. I have little interest in that aspect of 'hacking', being more interested in the sort of hacking that is making my own property work better for me than the manufacturer intended: consumer-grade devices are often artificially restricted in order to wring more money from the consumer -- I tend to resent and fight against these limitations, as well as occasionally devising new functionality not even envisioned by the manufacturer. This is what most 'real' hackers do, not defacing web-sites or stealing credit-card numbers.

I like to read/watch intelligent science fiction and science fact, though find unintelligent sci-fi, mindless action, ill-researched period drama, even the odd rom-com enjoyable too, in moderation.

I have a TAFE Diploma in computer network engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Primary-School Education. I have a stable job which I like and in which I am considered highly competent. I have no managerial aspirations, preferring to focus my career on providing ground-level assistance to others.

I have no religion and although I am friends with people of many beliefs, I wish to find a life partner who also does not adhere to a religion. I identify as a sectarian humanist.

At Mt. Tai, PR ChinaI prefer to live a somewhat minimalist lifestyle and base purchase decisions on functional needs and aesthetics. I do not like extravagant purchasing of unnecessary goods, but am happy to spend money on hobbies and interests, and carefully-considered personal effects. While I enjoy technology, I am quite cynical about it and don't actually own a large number of gadgets. Although, I abhor fashion, I do like to maintain a casual personal style in my dress and living decor.

I am a quite sexual person and expect sexual and non-sexual intimacy to be a frequent activity with a partner. I require a strong emotional attachment in order to enjoy sex and as such prefer to get to know a partner before a sexual relationship is established. I strongly believe that good sex -- like a good relationship in general -- requires equal input and effort from both parties and expect a partner to be able to take the initiative some of the time. I am monogamous by preference, so require a single partner who can meet all of my physical and emotional needs.

I do not consume alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs. I carry no transmittable diseases and keep my vaccinations up-to-date. I would like to loose some weight and am presently engaging in moderate diet and exercise activities to achieve this.

I have no children, though enjoy playing with my nieces and nephew. While I am friendly towards animals in general, I don't have any pets at present.


I am seeking a partner to take an equal part in a relationship. I wish to have a partner who is independent and who stays with me because she enjoys the relationship. She would be honest and caring, but able to stand up for herself. She would be prepared to supply half of the resources -- financial* and otherwise -- to the relationship and family (or as close to as her circumstances permit). XX is not a disabilityShe should be generally capable at manual tasks, able to participate in home maintenance work alongside me, and take a share in domestic/joint-lifestyle decisions. She should be comfortable and confident with her inner self as well as with her outer body. She should enjoy intimacy, both sexual and non-sexual.

Good personal grooming (with minimal make-up) and an air of self-respect are most important in looks. My concept of inherent 'beauty' covers a good 80% of the female population (and not necessarily the 80% popular media would lead you to expect).

* Women reading outside Australia note that while incomes in the West are higher, so are living costs -- comparison to a school-teacher's income/lifestyle in your local area is the most accurate way of comparing my income, not converting what you estimate my income to be in $AUS to your local currency and assuming that makes me fantastically rich! I am comfortably-off for my chosen non-extravagant lifestyle, and that is as good as I need it to be.


You can contact me for expression of romantic interest at: lonesomeglenn(a)exemail·com·au This address has SPAM-filters set up to be less likely to black-hole such messages than my other addresses. (Bonus points if you get the 'Lonesome Glenn' reference!)